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Too speechless for words~

These days i'm a bit too excited actually. One thing that got me excited is a drama and usually dramas don't excite as much as music releases. But this drama 'Bridal Mask' has really caught my attention. The lead actor Joo Woon has really exceptional acting skills, i'm not surprised that i'm hooked since It's historical and i'm a sucker for such dramas although the female lead does drag the drama sometimes making me wish they'd cut her parts.... but i guess the romantic part also has a few good points, I also find myself squealing and screaming towards my lap top... words such as.... it's hi, why can;t you tell? Kiss her you idiot!!!

Asside from the fact that this dude is damn hot I fall for guys having a sense of Japanese culture.

Next, this drama really got me hooked since I liekd teh acotr that played the lawyer and what can I say since I have an aim to be a lawyer this guy totally made it worth while plus it helped that my all itme bias Jonghyun was in it.

But I found myself not following it as often as i did before, may be it was a bit too dull for me. I guess I shouldn't watch Romantic dramas when i know that i get bored...

The next drama is  Paradise Ranch. I liked the story and all the obstacles and I did finish it but i thought that the ending was a bit rushed, so many issues were left unresolved and the parents were a bit too much for me.

I liked Max's acting and since he is my bias in TVXQ now i gave it a try, i wasn't disappointed since I loved his character, they got married when they were little and then divorced but then why did he still care for her after 6 years? I was hoping for it to be a sad ending..... hm, but still his character was good, cute moments were a lot...plus looking at the above I realize that Max is totally a devilish maknae teasing his hyungs... now that reminds me of Kyuhyun and their new single.
Next drama is by far my favorite since it had less drama and followed its story right till the end.

Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de or Mystery solving after dinner. Now the people who know me would already know that i love such type of dramas and Japanese make so many dramas like these and i tend to watch almost all of them. Japanese are famous for making many police/detective dramas and I enjoy it, may be that's why my Japanese is so good. 
But seriously my Japanse is good because of Kamenashi... I watched his dramas Nobuta wa produce, Hundred pound gospel, tatta hitotsu no koi and another one whose name i forgot.

This was the drama that made me fell in love with ARASHI even more plus it heloed since this drama;s ending song was my favortie song by ARASHI... Meikyou Love song. 

Now Korean dramas with mystery are usually not my thing but this drama made it into my top list, i'm talking about Vampire Prosecutor.

The acotr was good plus the plot was really nice, all the mysteries that he solved were amazing and usually I always predict who the culprit is and i'm happy to say that my sixth sense awesome but this drama really made me keen, lol.... Even though i was a bit skeptical at first since it does say the word vampire but honestly the drama used the vampire concept to thicken the plot plus as an obstacle and girly vampire stuff like blood drinking everywhere...so i'm glad that I watched it because I'll always remember this drama and i might even go back for seconds, which is quite unusual for me.

The next drama is a Japanese drama called PUZZLE.
I was introduced to the lead actress through ARASHI's variety show Himitsu no ARASHI chan and honestly the drama title and the story makes it sound so lame...but I loved it, it had no romance and it had really great mysteries and puzzles which even intimidated me. So for a mystery/puzzle lover who is a weirdo and loves to solve puzzles and codes this is for you my friend!

Next drama which I absolutely loved was Galileo. It revolved around a detective who had some issues with a case and she was introduced to a Physicist by a senpai of her. I'm a huge Physics freak, the kind of freak which was happy to have 4 periods out of 8 of Physics and actually studied in all of them while my friends made fun of Physics. Yes, i'm a Physics lover. So this drama pretty much helped solve cases with the help of Physics which was quite exciting for me.

On a site note, YamaPi's nee album ERO got released and man he was so hot in the PV, showering while naked was really a treat for his fans though i enjoyed the concept of the video more.... he really must have gone to a lot of gyms~


So been busy with my friend's birthday, got into some new fandom plus downloaded some stuff... actually still doing that.

But i'm finally done with my exams and i recently got into a really cool forum about CROSS GENE, also NEWS finally released their new single and performed for the first time on a live stage after 20 months. I've been recently listening to a lot of their new songs. 
The long summer vacation is staring at me and i'm still doubtful about what i should ought to do with all that time, i'm thinking of watching the dramas that i made a list of, although i'm currently to addicted to a drama called Bridal Mask/Gaksitai. As much as i love Mystery + History and the conflict between Japan and Korea this drama has given me all of it although i could do without the romance but i'm happy that it's not much. 
I'm deciding to watch Paradise rance since currently i'm all fired up about TVXQ mostly because of their single 'Android'

Also i also like C-Clown, my friend came when i was reading their profiles and they are probably one of the bands whose names i remembered in a second i guess since they all had different individual looks. Recently i also noticed something... may be a bit troubling to me, i'm really into old men like in their late 20.. to early 30. Whatever person i like in a band for example he's either the oldest or the second oldest but i'm happy that it's not the case with C-Clown since i liked TK at first site and he's the second youngest but he's also younger than me by i guess may be 2 years or less and it's been my first liking a person younger than me, but i guess they all look so young so i'm not that skeptical about it.
Also i loved the song from Block.B 'nalina nari nari nanan nuga? Really catchy plus it's sends a nice message about social pressure and bullying.. btw nalina means crazy, baka!

Lastly for Visual kei fans like me, there are  alot of groups but you gotta look at the music they are giving recently i listened to a song called monster by ZUCK. They'll debut soon but they already have a large fan-following since 2010...
So anyways my Japanese might be a bit rusty but i think i understood the main point plus the vocals totally grew on me plus the video seems fresh from the usual visual kei set-up although watching it makes me think of GazettE's 'Filth in the beauty'

Yamashita's 'Love Chase pv is amazing plus the dance moves, the way he questions his kindness is nostalgic but i think that he's one of the few Johnny artists who actually put an effort in dancing, not offence to anyone...

The best thing at last, CN Blue is my all time favorite Korean rock band and they released their new single 'COME ON' whose pv will be released on 1st August, a head of it's release they revealed the pv and i love it, the effects are nice. They look like models posing like models for camera with those angst filled eyes which are totally captivating, but i'm a bit disappointed since i wanted Jonghyun to sing more... his new OST has been on re-play continuously but other than that it's good. the song has both good balance of music plus the language of the lyrics. Usually their songs have more English but this time there is a lot of Japanese too, their English accent is interesting though.

That's all for now~


Guess its that month of the year again, my exams are going to start in six days and will last for about a 5 weeks and in that time i have to say goodbye to my internet as my family thinks that i get distracted from my studies. So this time, i'm closing down my internet own my own till 25 MAY, really hope to catch back on things once my exam ends. Wanted to make this small post since i haven't posted in may be over a month and since i'll be away for a month, so i thought i'd say good bye to LJ like this.
Lastly, i will really really miss not being able to enjoy SID and ARASHI's new single releases because since both of them are on 9th may, but the only thing is that when i'll be back i will have lots of thnigs to look forward to, like Aiba and Ohno's new drama, although did watch the first ep of MIKONEKO HOLMES and i have to say it was fun tow atch since it had both sad and happy/funny moments.
P.S Gotta' go~

ChArAcTeR sKeTcH~

so this is how it is, once i made my very own Lj account i made one of my friends form school do it too and now she wants me to do a character sketch for her, of her.... well, it has been about one week but since i've been pretty much busy but not with school but with watching ARASHI's variety shows so now finally while some of my shows are downloading i'll write some good points and some bad points about her and before she says anything, i'm just gonna' say that this is my opinion so don't get mad. 

She is a person who i don't want mad at me or that i don't want to get on her bad side. Once she likes one thing she obsesses about it but then gets over it and never mentions that thing again. She was so into Edward and Twilight and she spoke and rambles on and on about it. But now she likes Jacob in stead of Edward and thinks that all white guys are gay, lol.... i don't understand her at that point. Also she is the first that i would think of going to if i want to talk about school, not only about studies but we also share our thoughts on teachers, students etc... But she isn't one of the most humorous people i know... actually she might be the least. Whenever i or any other of our friends jokes around she gets the joke a bit late but she does laugh, its just that she's awful at making up something humorous on her own. But what she loves is to criticize the studying method of our college and pretty much she's a school-adictee in that respect.

I know not much of a character sketch, but i also have some stuff to get back to. I might continue later though.

Also i can't wait to get my CN BLUE storm DVD and Gazetto's poster. *waits patiently*

This is a post i made to appreciate one of my favorite members from Japanese pop band KAT-TUN. Today was Kame's birthday and since my time is 4 hours behind Japan's so it's almost the end of 23 Feb in Japan. Hope he's doing well. They just released their CHAIN album and i gotta say that i think it's really good, their dance has really improved and so has their singing ability... and their Engirsh. 

Kame-chan, today's your special day, hopefully you won't be spending it alone. I wish i was happy but unfortunately an accident has happened where i live and two people died and today became their death anniversary and now whenever i will think Kame-chan or this day i will surely remember them, definitely!  On another note, love the expression on his face, it's sort of cute...


They are back after almost 1 year, back then i loved their song Tonight, the Korean version of this song was very good, but Japanese was also good considering that they are a Korean band. Anyways, they are back and have released their single called BLUE. This song is a pop ballad, although it's different from my preference and i really don't like blue color but i enjoyed it, mostly because the song was really really sad and i mean it, it was based on their lives and on one of the member's accident. One of the members, Daesung killed someone while being high... and well, he did regret it a lot but he even suicidal thoughts cause' of it, which wasn't so surprsing for me cause' in Korean, Japan region a lot of celebrities commit suicide out of the blue, lol...i am using way too much blue. In the first week of March, near to the release of this band's previous album i still remember that i was in 10th grade and i had half  a month of preparatory holidays and at that time i was totally addicted to Super Junior, another Korean band and their Mandarin sub group released an album in Mandarin and by chance i went to a site for voting between Super Junior- M and Big Bang and i like things to be fair so in stead of voting for my favorite group i checked out Big Bang's tonight song and i loved it at almost like the third time and coincidentally it was last day of my internet cause' papers were like one week away and i still remembered that i quickly downloaded their mp3, i even didn't have the time to download the video or the translation but i remembered most of the English translation and that's how i got into the fandom of BIG BANG. It hasn't been one year but as i look back they were probably the first group whose impression in my eyes was good, other groups i didn't really like but as i got to know more about them i liked them, like recently ARASHI had really caught my eyes but mostly cause' of their acting, their members have so many detective dramas and that's just my thing, i love to watch such dramas or movies.

this year somehow just keeps getting special special, now i just can't wait till August cause' that's when my all time fav band the GazettE will be releasing an album with lot so new music videos, new songs and new conecpt, yay! Hurrah for 2012, let's make it the best year. 

Love this drama LUCKY 7, Eita{middle} is so hot and also one of my fav and Jun{left} one of the ARASHI members is also a good actor. But can't watch this drama now, once it's finished i'll watch it then... the suspense is way too much for me to handle and wait for the next eps.

Being a CJK music lover that i surely am really want to know some facts about the artists/idols i keep following. Whenever i listen to an Asian band mainly being Korean and Japanese, i wonder about the straightness of the band members. Though i might not have anything to do with music but it proves whether you're a loyal fan or not. All the bands that i follow, if i found that some of them... or say all of them are gay/bi, it wouldn't come as a total shocker but nevertheless i would still listen to them of course my perspective about them might change. 

SID's bassist Aki had been accused of being Gay so so many times, but also some Japanese teens even posted a lot of comments on twitter, but i guess that doesn't count cause' they're antis???  Anyways, since he's not my favorite i doesn't matter whether he's straight or not.

SID's vocalist and songwriter Masao-san or Mao-chan. I used this picture cause' he looks damn cute here, like a little baby pouting... aww.... but he's not a baby, in fact he 32 soon to be 33 and look at that snake tattoo on his left shoulder, i bet that must have hurt. He's wayyyyyyy too cute for a man of his age, yet he's my favorite from SID. It's cause of his vocals which are really heavenly, to prove it i suggest Ii Hito which means Lover. This song is slow and light and has really sweet melody and very different lyrics form his previous songs.

KAT-TUN's and the one who stands out the most Kazuya Kamenashi. What hasn't this boy done? Played baseball, host variety shows, he's a singer, dancer, model and the best of all an actor. Now my first impression of him was 'GIRLY' but i guess now i'm used to him. As of now i think of him as a really expressive person, he really needs to learn how to wear a poker face. He's really funny and has good talking skills and has probably not the best voice but out of his group, he has the best acting skills. I loved YOKAI NINGEN BEM (Human Monster Bem) so much. I htought he wouldn't be able to pull it off cause' the role demanded seriousness which he certainly had but hi image is more on the funnier side than. 

Aw.. the worried look of his forces me to shed a tear every time, lol...

This had me laughing for weeks and i was like... ahah! i was right, he is girly, but i can't believe that Maru, the guy on the left didn't even move a muscle and just stood there. BTW, it's from RUN FOR U PV making and this is not even a starter of what's in it.

I Ramble so much about Kame-chan that some people would get the impression that he's my favorite, but in fact my favorite is this man.. lol, that sounded weird! Nakamaru Yuichi, the oldest of the group and one who lightens up the mood.I don't like him just cause of his long nose and lips, but cause' of his attitude and his sort-of tenor voice and his engrish. I am so glad that he usually gets to sing english in their songs like Run For You, in Star Rider and i quote, 
Knocking on your door' 'Srar Rider'
I'm not going to compliment his engrish cause' to me, Star Rider sounds like Mister rider which reminds me of KARA's song Mister's Japanese version, i didn't like the song but it got stuck in my head. 
My overall view of Maru is that he's funny and i can easily recognize his voice and he's also good at acting, though he night not be the main one, but i liked him in that Insurance-company/detective drama and now he's in a family drama.

Ruki's the vocalist of the GazettE Jrock band. Ruki is very short, i'm sure we all will agree on that but he's the most good looking one without make up and he's not only the face but according to me he's the back bone of the GazettE. I like not only for his vocals but also for his song writing and shyness. This picture might not show his shyness, but he actually is and doesn't speak much when given the opportunity.   This man, who turned 30 this Feb on 1st makes me want to listen to songs who are full with menaing and are deep. His songs like pledge make me sad and i find myself listening to them when i'm sad. Untitled is a song that i heard a few days ago and usually i don't like ballads but this song just gripped me so tightly that it's just so hard to let go. Words aren't enough for the appreciation of this man, his works like Taion and Saraba really get into a person't heart. His lyrics not only portray but also a tell a story while you're listening to them, mixed with his screams and the beautiful bass and guitars and the harmonic sensation of drums, you juat can't get enoguh of them.


So recently I've been really into KAT-TUN, which are my first and favorite Jpop band cause' usually I am more of a rock lover. I usually listen to Jrock and visual keibands like GazettE, SID, Versailles, Alice Nine and i also like Mayabie. Because of KAT-TUN, i have been recently introduced to ARASHI. I, at first didn't like them much since i don't like their style much but as i listened to them more, i guess it was different from what i was used to so it started to appeal to me and i have started to like them as singers. I liked them before cause' of their dramas and shows. I'm still new to them but it's like that a lot. Sometimes when i'm introduced to a band my initial reaction aren't that good, like for Versailles i was surprised that Hizaki was a man and i guess their whole style was a bit weird but i loved their songs and my first song was 'Serenade' which was a tribute to the ex-member Jasmine, which i was elft was really beautiful. The song although had a slow start but as time passed it got stuck in my head for days. The melody, the bass and Kamijo's beautiful vocals made it all the more beautiful to listen to. Continuing on when i first saw KAT-TUN's pv which was 'Run For You' i was a bit freaked out by their dance cause' i was used to really really good dances by Super Junior, SHINee and other Kpop bands but i also liked it, i guess cause' it was different and it was a bit refreshing to hear and see something different and now they are my favorite jpop band. Now as for ARASHI, i like their voices but am still not sure about their music style but i do like some of their recent songs and i guess i already have a fav member which is Sho, he's just so cute. So i guess i'll give them my time and see if i like them or not, i've already ordered their recent album, so i just have to wait for one week before i get their album.

On that note i got to go, gotta watch Seven days!

It's really a funny story about how i was accidentally introduced to them, You see i started watching Jdoramas a long time ago and i watched Kame-chan Hitotsu no Koi and One pound Gospel, i loved the dramas and i liked the main actor which was Kame but i didn't really know his name or that he was an idol. Near the end of 2010, while i was looking at SID's wallpapers, i saw a wallpapers of KAT-TUN and i guess it was near to the time Jin left and i just started to read the article and it was written that one of the members left the group and as the wallpapers had Kame's picture on it too and the article said that one of the famous members left, so i thought that Kame had left and because i had a bit of an attraction towards him so i just sighed and i thought that cause' Kame had left, i shouldn't check out the band, if only i knew that he wasn't the one who left. In 2010 and also 1n 2011, they came across my eyes a lot, like someone was telling me to watch them, but i never did cause' i thought that Kame had left, until recently when on youtube i was watching GazettE's year end comment on J-Melo that i accidentally clicked on KAT-TUN's Run For You Pv and at that time i didn't knew i was watching KAT-TUN's PV. So i liked the starting music and i found the sound and the lyrics very good and it was the first song that i heard by them and i fell in love with Maru, he's my fav member and of course soon i noticed that kame hadn't in fact left so i googled for a while and then i knew everything about them and on New Year i was officially their fan. But after i watched their dance, at first i was like they should practice more cause' i was used to watching TVXA and SUJU and their dances are very well performed and synchronized. But after a while i thought that Kame's dance was actually very sexy, of course i saw Kame dance as a vampire and i was all okay with it. They were really my first jpop band that i liked, since i don't really like ARASHI etc who are very popular. So now i am their very proud fan and i love almost all of their songs but my fav are Run For you, cause' it introduced me to them. The 2nd one is Diamond, i like how it is so inspiring, sorta reminds me of SUJU's Shake It Up. I like all of the members, but Maru's my fav one and his and kame's voice, i can recognize easily and for osme reason i can't recognize Ueda's voice. I find Kame both girly and sexy, but whenever i someone calls him girly i remember his scene from Nobuta Wo Produce with Yampi, in which he was acting as a girl... "Dame... dame.." he says it so cutely!!!!!

Yay, Finally!

Finally, i'm free enough to create an LJ accound of my own. Been way too much busy or distracted with studies and life but i finally decided to do it since i really have nothing fun to do anyway. Ok, now to star what i really came here to do. To spazz about my favorite bands! I used to like a lot of Kpop bands but then i figured that the average span of a Korean band, whether male or female is about 5years. Let's take DBSK for example, the first Korean band i ever liked, even though i preferred their Japanese songs but i liked them a lot but then they broke up. I mean, c'mon?! They were doing so well. Anyways, the irony was that the three members which were my favorite left the band or formed a new band. Yes, my favorite was Micky, Junsu and then Jae. I don't listen to them anymore, cause' after JYJ made their first ever English debut, i was disappointed but i did like HoMin's Keep Your Head Down and while i was comparing the both i came to the result that i like both of them too much to just leave one and continue following the other so i ended up leaving both of them, lol..... But i do listen to their new songs, recently Winter Rose has been spinning in my mind. 
I don't know why? Why? But the members which i like the most end up leaving the band one way or another like Wu Chun from Fahrenheit. I loved Fahrenheit so much and after almost 5 years they also broke up. YaLun became a solo singer which i, at first didn't thought would work out so well but hey it's em who is still in love with The Next Me. Jiro who was second favorite decided to become an actor while Kevin.. well, it was probably in favor for him that they broke up because he wasn't given much attention to begin with which i for one don't like at all. I mean, seriously? He had a good voice but apparently that happens a lot. Some members are just the center of attention while others live in their shadows, lol.... i know i'm exaggerating.. Moving on, i don't know if it's just me but i'm really glad that Japanese bands don't break up after 5 years or just because one wants to do acting. The GazettE, whom i love to death have their 10th anniversary coming and they are still intact. SID another band i like has also lasted for more than 5 years, ARASHI, UVERWorld, X Japan etc. KAT-TUN will hopefully also last longer.