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baratohana's Journal

My fav band is The GazettE and my fav members are Kai{the drummer and Reita, who's the bassist.
KAT-TUN is my 2nd fav band and i have recently found out about them.
SID is also my 2nd fav band, can't really decide between the two bands. I love Masao-san and Yuuya.
I recently have started liking them, but i totally freaked out that Hizaki is a man, but he's my 3rd fav now. My 1st fav is Yuki and then Kamijo. I have a thing for drummers i guess
My fav kpop/rock bands are:
Jonghyun and Jangshin are my favorite members, i just love Jonghyun's Japanese and Yonghwa's Engrish.
I just love all the members, but my favorite are HeeChul, LeeTeuk, Sungmin and Kyuhuyn.
i like their musical style and my favorite member is Junsu. My fav song is I'll be Back and wihtout you, especially the mvs.
Although i hate to admit it but i like this ballad band, i usually don't listen to ballads but i sort of like their voices and songs.
Probably the best kpop band based upon their music arranging and compositions. There isn't one song in all of their albums that i don't like. My fav members are Baby and TOP.
I don't regularly follow them, but i like their songs. My fav are JYJ and i guess Changmin.
I love listening to rock and up-beat songs but every now and then i also like some pop and ballad songs, but when i listen to slow songs i usually get sleepy and just can't stand meaningless ballads. Comedy isn't one of my favorite genres, i prefer watchig detective, horror and fantasy genres whether in anime, movies, dramas or mangas. I usually like shounen mangas since shojo mangas nowadays are really same and there's nothing new in them.